Journeys of Sacagawea

July 2004 Catalina trip to Avalon


Looking west at Long Point on way out of Avalon
About two miles out from Avalon
Heading about 10 degrees, notice the brown smog over the mainland 20 miles away 
11 miles out looking south
Looking at the west end of Catalina Island at 12 miles out from Avalon
Crossing the 4 mile wide shipping lane route 
Seals sunning off east end of Long Beach Breakwater
East end of Long Beach Breakwater 
Long Beach downtown form East end of Breakwater
Entrance to Huntington Harbor
Huntington Harbor main basin
Channel to boat ramp. The ramp is past the bridge, not a good place for larger sailboats to launch
Staging dock
The trip back took 1 hour and 47 minutes running time for 27 miles.

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