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Sacagawea is now complete and ready to explore. It has taken about 20 months to complete the boat since I received the plans for the SkiffAmerica 20 from Kilburn Adams of St Louis, Missouri.

The West offer's some of the greatest water journeys and variety of climates in the country and I plan to explore as much as I can with Sacagawea.

My email is Please put SkiffAmerica or Sacagawea in the subject area of your email if you have a question about my SkiffAmerica 20.

I keep a log of the Journeys of Sacagawea on my site, I hope this inspires you to join me and explore the waterways of America.

Take a look at the Building Log to see the construction and building photos of SkiffAmerica.

Projects of "Sacagawea" my SkiffAmerica 20 are additions and ideas I have tried since SkiffAmerica was completed.

Any news about interesting sites or things related to boating will be posted in News.

Lake Tahoe August

I have decided to name my SkiffAmerica "Sacagawea" in honor of the Shoshone woman who was guide and interpreter for Lewis and Clark on their expedition into the Northwest region of the United States. I will be exploring the Pacific Coast rivers, bays, and oceans and the boat started it's journey to me from St Louis Missouri, so I think the name fit's.

The SkiffAmerica 20 is a 20 ft. outboard cruiser designed by Kilburn Adams of St. Louis, Missouri. The hull is built from BS1088 quality marine plywood using the taped seam method. The double chine hull is built right-side-up using a simple support frame.

After talking with Kilburn Adams the designer, builder, and owner of the first SkiffAmerica 20, I ordered the plans for the boat and began a project. It would take me about two years part time to finish. Kilburn has provided a very good set of plans that leave little to think about but just building the boat. Find out more about this great Skiff and the other SkiffAmerica's under construction at Kilburn Adam's web site.

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