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July 2005

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Date 7/7/05  7/11/05 Engine hours 9.1
Weather foggy/low clouds 60's Fuel on board 12.0
Wind 8 to 10 knots from the West Fuel used 11
Water Conditions light chop 65F Miles traveled 108



The weather was the typical June/July coastal overcast with some patchy fog, this was a relief as I had just left 95 degree temperatures at home the previous day.

The run out to Two Harbor on Catalina Island is 23 miles from Long Beach Harbor. I started about 7:30 a.m. after anchoring in San Pedro the night before in Hurricane Gulch. The wind was very light and the swell was running about two feet at 10 second intervals. This made for a very smooth trip across Catalina Channel and I arrived at Two Harbors at 9:05 a.m.

Coming out the week after the 4th of July weekend cleared out the Holiday crowd. Don't come to the island on any major summer holiday unless you want to fight for a mooring or watch people try to anchor in 90 feet of water with 100 feet of rode. They then jump on the shore taxi as the boat they just anchored starts to drift to shore to meet them.

Ship rock is about two miles out from the Harbor and has a reef that extends around it that provides some excellent fishing and has taken its share of sailboats that passed to near.





Looking at the west end of Catalina island from 4 miles 

Two Harbors

Ship Rock