Journeys of Sacagawea

September 2004  Shasta Lake California 


This was a quick day trip on the way back from Port Townsend. The rain seem to stop as we crossed the California border ( the rain Gods are mad at California right now) and the weather was great for a spin on the lake. 

Shasta is in foothill country and the temperature can range far, From hot in the summer to freezing in late fall and early spring. The dam was finished around 1944 and it was dedicated and opened in 1950. It is one of the largest lakes in California with a depth to  500 feet and a shoreline of 365 miles. The red clays banks are a trademark of the lake as the end of summer comes and the lake is at it's lowest point of the season. 

The Pit River Bridge has a great sweeping view of the lake near the confluence of the three major rivers that run into the lake. The Sacramento River, McCloud River and the Pit River.

Mountains less than a mile away raise to 3,000 feet and the smell of evergreen trees  drifts across the water. 

The lake is far from the population centers of the state and this make it a great off season lake for peaceful boating. July and August are the busy months

Another season we will have to go back and really spent some time on the lake to sample it's many charms.

Launch ramp was about 600 feet long and you need to back down all the way. Try backing a pickup with  a full camper  and boat that you can't see down this baby
Pit Bridge, Interstate 5  
The water was not to clear because of the red clay banks 

I steps off in a sandy cove and went down to my knees' in the clay and sand.


Houseboats are everywhere
September is  the tail end of the season and the lake was not crowded



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