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Date 3/20/04  3/21/04 Engine hours 4.6
Weather foggy/low clouds 60's Fuel on board 8.5
Wind 8 to 10 knots from the West Fuel used 3.1
Water Conditions bay light chop 62F Miles traveled 36


This was just a quick one day and night trip to get me out on the water. The weather was cool and overcast most of the time with fog rolling in as evening approached. Spent the night behind Shelter Island in the anchorage area.

Star of India at the maritime museum is the oldest steel hull sailing ship that is operational.





The Maritime Museum of San Diego is a great place for boaters to visit if you are in San Diego, unfortunately they do not have dock access for boaters.

Right next door is Anthony's Fish Restaurant and they have a dock for anyone that buys a meal. The water around the dock can be rough at times with wakes and wind waves so be carefully and use lots of fenders.







Shelter Island free launch ramp


Star of India