Journeys of Sacagawea

May 2004 Colorado river Lake Mohave Page 2


Date 5/23/04  5/26/04 Engine hours 6.9
Weather Clear, mid 80's to 90' Fuel on board 12.5 gal
Wind 10 to 20 knots from the southwest Fuel used 8.4 gal
Water Conditions lake level 643 feet  72F Miles traveled 94

Willow Beach is 52 miles from Davis dam and 11 miles from Hoover dam by water. Willow Beach area has  prehistory as a trading center and meeting place. I took 93 from Henderson Neveda across Hoover dam then about 15 miles south of the dam is Willow Beach road. You will have your boat and car inspected by guards before you are allowed to cross the dam. 


Spotted these Bighorn sheep while hiking up a canyon
The sheep really blend with the rocks.
South of Willow Beach about 6 miles. 
Heading south from Willow Beach
South of Willow Beach about 4 miles
Black canyon ends at mile 46 from Davis dam
North of Willow Beach, Three miles downstream from the dam you come to Ringbolt rapids, named because you can see the ringbolt about 75 yards above the rapids, on the Arizona side. There was no rapids at the water level of 642 feet above sea level.
Waterfall about two miles from dam 
Bypass tunnel for Hoover Dam.
Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam as close as you can get these days

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