Journeys of Sacagawea

December 2004 

Lake Mead   Cold, Windy and Beautiful                                                                                                               Page 1

The weather was cold and windy the first two days on the lake. The high was 56 degrees and the low was 35 degrees. The wind is blowing 20 mph with gusts to 40 from the NNE.  Needless to say I hugged the northeastern shore of Boulder Basin as I head east in the direction of "The Narrows" . This is where the lake narrows into Boulder Canyon for about five miles and opens into the huge Virgin Basin, the center of Lake Mead. From the Virgin Basin you connect to Temple Basin, Gregg Basin, and the Overton Arm. With the current weather condition
I decide not to cross the Virgin Basin today and live to boat another day.

Looking east into Virgin Basin from the end of "The Narrows"

Boulder Canyon is a steep, narrow and sometimes windy canyon on the eastern side of Boulder Basin. Today it was sheltered from the wind, with only about 10 mph in the canyon.

Rufus Cove is  a great cove to spend
 the night, with good protection 
from the NNE wind 

I really enjoyed having the lake almost to myself, the weather was about 10 to 15 degrees below  normal 
temperature and the cold wind kept most boaters off the lake. The vastness of Lake Mead is enhanced

when you are alone in a cove with no sounds except the wind and water lapping the shore.

This is my first trip when I really enjoyed  having the cockpit enclosure, It helps keep the cabin area warmer
and really makes getting up at 2 a.m. to the call of nature a lot more pleasant. 


Cockpit enclosure up and I am ready for sleep at 6:30 p.m., its to cold to do anything else.

Petroglyphs found will hiking.

The Virgin Basin located in the center of Lake Mead was very windy and rough as I looked out from Boulder Canyon 
so I went back southwest to explore more of the many cove and sandy beaches. The water level is very low at the lake
and many coves have more sandy areas then I remember from earlier years when the water was higher. It can be dangerous
and you really need to watch the terrain, water color and depth gauge for shallow areas but it also has made great little sandy areas 
to run your bow up on .

Sandy Cove area looking East 
Las Vegas Bay, this is where I planned
 to launch but the marina launch ramp
 is closed due to low water levels.
It is about 30 miles from Las Vegas on
the Northeast shoreline of Boulder Basin
Another area of Rufus


Sunset on the second day as I look for a safe harbor on Boulder Basin
Area near Lover's Cove the second morning
Callville Bay Boat Harbor where I launched

Because of 20 to 35 mph winds on the third morning I decided to take Sacagawea out and launch at Temple Bar Marina, this would 
give me a day to visit Sin City, warm up  and make my donation to the light bill. It is 45 miles from Callville Bay Boat Harbor to Las Vegas
and another 75 miles to Temple Bar Harbor from there by road.  

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