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Date 3/18/06  -  3/26/06 Engine hours 21.0
Weather clear, cloudy, rain and snow Fuel on board 13.0 
Wind calm to 40 mph  Fuel used  22
Water Conditions calm to 3 foot wind waves, 49 to 51 degrees Miles traveled 227


















Castle Rock cut (dry) and Wahweap Marina

The first full day on Lake Powell, it had its best colors out to greet me; little did I know what the lake was planning for this week in March for Sacagawea.

The water level was about 100 feet below normal pool level of 3700 feet, and a portion of the lake and its upper canyon areas are dry. Lake Powell is at its lowest in March, when the spring runoffs begin and the lake level starts to rise. The Colorado River Basin is now loaded with snow and a good year for higher water levels is expected.
Castle Rock Cut was completely dry so I followed the main channel from Wahweap Marina to Anchovy Point, the channel narrowed after Anchovy Point causing some rough water due to the narrowness and other boats for about two miles. Following the main channel buoy's north and west of Padre Butte I cruised at 12 mph taking in this awesome lake. That first day I traveled 37 miles exploring Padre Bay and Last Chance Bay.
wpeD.jpg (33341 bytes) Channel from marina wpe8.jpg (31174 bytes) Anchovy Point left and dam to right

I located several good side canyons in Rock Creek Bay to spend the night. Anchoring on solid rock or very then sand was not working. The weather was changing to light rain and a wind form the northwest. I found a narrow and low slot between some large rocks with a small beach. I hauled the bow anchor up and around a large boulder. By this time the wind was blowing about 15 mph from the port side of Sacagawea and I quickly hopped back in the boat and secured a second line to the rear cleat and carried it out to the north side of the slot and found another large boulder. I also secured the second anchor line from the rear cleat on the port side in a crack in some rocks. The rain and wind lasted about 7 hours and the lines pulled and jerked but I was snug inside Sacagawea for my first night on the lake. I used about 300 feet of line for the three points and was glad to have the extra line on board.

At first light, after a hot breakfast of Spam and eggs, I retrieved the lines. With light winds from the south I headed out of Friendship Cove in Rock Creek Bay for Dangling Rope Marina. I topped off the gas and headed for Rainbow Bridge about 7 miles from the Marina.

dang.JPG (54536 bytes) Dangling Rope powell 066.jpg (49736 bytes) Entrance to Forbidding  Canyon

Rainbow Bridge is about 2.5 miles inside the canyon, but with current water levels, I walked the last 1.5 miles from the docks where the water ended. 

wpeF.jpg (37604 bytes) wpe11.jpg (32266 bytes) wpe17.jpg (33598 bytes) wpe19.jpg (37751 bytes)

The only boat at the dock was a tour boat from Wahweap marina. The captain helped me dock as he looked over Sacagawea. He liked the boat and we talked about the the weather coming in the next 12 hours. He warned me about the rain, snow and high winds. I decided to spend the rest of the day hiking around the canyon and Rainbow Bridge and spent the night tied to the dock. I don't think you are allowed to camp or overnight on the dock but I never saw another boat the rest of the day and night.

 Rainbow Bridge National Monument is located approximately 50 miles up-lake from Glen Canyon Dam in Forbidding Canyon. This awesome span is the world's largest natural bridge standing 290 feet high. Look for the people at the bottom left side of the bridge to understand the size of Rainbow Bridge.

wpe1C.jpg (39619 bytes) wpe24.jpg (47866 bytes) wpe22.jpg (57276 bytes)

The day grew chilly as I returned to the boat and added two more lines to secure the boat for the night. After a hot dinner of chicken noodle soup and crackers I watch the shadow of night engulf the canyon as the thunderstorm struck. Rain fell hard; the wind blew up the canyon and sometimes down the canyon. The dock was a good place to be on this night. Morning brought more rain and a tailwind as I headed out of Forbidding Canyon toward the San Juan River Arm of the lake.

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