Journeys of Sacagawea


Late May on Lake Mohave 2004                    

Date 5/23/04  5/26/04 Engine hours 8.3
Weather Clear, mid 80's to 90' Fuel on board 12.5 gal
Wind 10 to 20 knots from the southwest Fuel used 8.4 gal
Water Conditions lake level 643 feet  72F Miles traveled 94
Late May 2004, Sacagawea, Emily and I took a cruise up Lake Mohave following the old Colorado River bed. We launched at Cottonwood Cove and at Willow Beach. 

This was the weekend before Memorial Day so the launch area  was not very crowded. The weather was great for this time of the year, mid 80's to 90. The wind was gusting to 20 knots and the wind chop was about 1 1/2 feet in the open sections  running southwest. But Sacagawea did not have a problem with the wind or chop. Lake Mohave follows the Colorado river channel from Hoover Dam to Davis Dam a distance of sixty-seven miles. Hoover dam to Willow Beach covers about 11 miles and is mostly dark volcanic rock. The black canyon area is exiciting because of the current, submerged rocks, rapids and gravel bars. The water level is best in the afternoon and early evening when the water level is higher because electricity is in high demand. The water was at 643 feet above sea level on Tuesday when I ran up to Hoover dam. I did not have any problems at this level. The water temperature was 53 degrees at the dam, 58 at Willow Beach and 73 degrees at Cottonwood cove. 



Stopped for lunch break in small cove about 1 mile north of launch ramp on west side of lake.
This is the entrance to Catspaw cove about 8 miles from Cottonwood cove up river on the Arizona side.
Catspaw cove
Emily decided to cool off in the 72 degree water.
This is Kilburn's boarding ladder, it work's great. Emily really liked it.
The white rocks are turning pink as the sun sets in the west
Stern anchor out bow secure to tree for the nite


Be sure not to plan a trip to Hoover Dam from Willow Beach on these days. Good thing the Skiffamerica  only needs  a 25 HP engine. 
Willow Beach on Monday. Notice no power boats.
Willow Beach launch ramp
Colorado river from highway 93 on the Arizona side.

Willow Beach launch ramp area in distance.


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