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Lake Havasu


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The second night I stayed behind a sandbar in a small cove with only two feet of water, it was a beautiful spot with a great view up and down the river. The next morning a boater came along and stopped on the sandbar and asked if I were aground because he had never seen a boat behind the sandbar with the water this low. Probably was not a good place to be if the water level went down more, but it would have come back up someday and there are worst places to be stuck, I guess I would just be forced to spend another night on this beautiful river.






This was the  great cove behind Pulpit Rock The channel to get into the cove was 12 feet wide and 2 feet deep when I went in, the next morning the depth of the channel was one foot. I made it over by tilting my Yamaha up and stepping out on the firm sand. Then I walked Sacagawea over the sand bar with a few inches to spare.



Pulpit Rock Cove