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Lake Havasu


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Steamboats also with flat bottoms like SkiffAmerica plied the river until the early 1900; using paddlewheels they supplied mining towns and other settlements along the Colorado River. Difficult rapids forced the crews to use iron ringbolts fastened to Giant rocks and cliffs by which the boats were winched upstream at some of the stronger rapids. The ringbolts can still be seen if you look hard as you past places like Blankenship Bend and Mohave Rock

Boat camping on the sandy beaches and side canyons is my favorite pastime in this area of the Colorado River in the winter. No crowds, cool temperatures and more animal activity then in the extreme heat of the summer days. I have seen bighorn sheep on the rocky ridges coming down for a drink. There are plenty of ducks, geese, herons, egrets, cormorants and pelicans to watch chasing their lunch. Golden eagles also fish the river.

I stopped for lunch above Blankenship Bend. This was a nice area to hike around and look for Indian paintings.

Mohave Rock