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Lake Havasu


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After circumnavigating Six Mile Island I made a short run across from California Bay to a small cove for a night at anchor. The weather was calm and clear and a beautiful sunset developed across the lake. I dropped a 12-pound anchor off the stern and tied off the bow to a cedar root sticking out of the bank. Itís not a good idea to beach your boat overnight because the water level can change in just a few hours and you wake up with a land yacht. I always check the water level at the ramp before I depart. This time the water is at 450 feet. That is a good level and will make for good running upstream for Sacagawea, since she only needs about two feet to navigate. This really opens up the area you can explore on the river. 


I really like the way my Skiffamerica runs up on a beach, three feet of the boat on the sand and I can walk around with no tilting or rocking. Also getting off the boat is so easy with the lowered bow deck. The deck is a great place to leave your wet sandy shoes to dry without losing them.

Near Devil's Elbow the red and black rocks provide a dramatic backdrop to the blue/green water



Stopped at London Bridge For a spot of tea